This blog is moving

After 6 months I finally decided which blogtype would suit me the most. Therefore, if you are interested in a more compact but also more frequent content, visit


Hope to see you soon!

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This spring I’m looking forward to

1 – Flower prints

(source: Strange’s fashion blog)

– preferably on flowy materials, vintage (-looking) blouses, which would also look great with


2 – Flared pants

(source: Kendi Everyday)

– because although I got used to skinny pants, I still find them slightly uncomfortable and I’m happy that I kept a few pairs of flared pants from years ago.

And when I’m all dressed up and ready to go


3 – Long walks with the dog


– and I’m hoping she would cooperate more than at this time last year 🙂


Now let’s hope for nice weather to come!

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Surprise, surprise

This is how to have a fairytale ending for a terrible week. Unpacking coming soon…

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An evening with Woody Allen

Of course the master himself wasn’t there, but we still got to enjoy two of his plays at the theatre – and the performance was marvelous.

The vintage dress I wore belonged to my mum (she wore it to parties at the university, how cool) and it looked pretty unique with a pair of op-art earrings (red-white-black) and bright red flats from Vagabond, where I get my most comfortable shoes from.

I just wish we had snapped some proper photos before leaving, but we were running late because of me (as always). How can people be punctual, I wonder…


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Those wool pants

they’re vintage and cannot be worn without a pair of leggings underneath (too itchy!). But they’re warm and kind of flattering (not the best cut though) and that is all I need in wintertime.

vintage pants, h&m tee and sweater, ankle boots from Paris, dkny watch, random plastic beads


Have a lovely week!

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Christmas presents nr 1

The biggest surprise of this year (actually, it was last year):

A vintage dress-stand made before the 1950s – a hidden treasure from the countryside. It still needs a bit of renovation, but I’m already in love with it. If only I had an idea where to place it in our already crowded room…

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Brighten up your day!

Sometimes your outfits reflect your mood perfectly, just like in this case. I wore this on the day I handed in my master thesis and the bright colours made the day even more perfect. The day meant the end of an era, but that doesn’t make me sad – on the contrary, I’m really looking forward to a happier future. And all the colours of spring:)

thrifted skirt and t-shirt, benetton cardi, boots from helsinki, h&m bag, vintage pendant, panyizsuzsi earrings

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