First post – In which we are introduced

Personally, I find beginnings more difficult then endings so I’ll try to get over this part quickly.

I am grateful to the lovely fashion (and other) bloggers in the blogosphere for providing me with the necessary amount of inspiration each and every day. Apart from all its obvious problems, I find the Internet fascinating and liberating and I have chosen this blog as my means to join the vast community of users and join in the conversation.

To give an initial, however subtle aim to blogging I am planning to include some outfit posts among anything else that pops out of my head. There are two reasons for that:

1 – My wardrobe is currently full and I am constantly facing the problem of lack of storage place. As I like putting outfits together, it would be easier to get rid of any item that I cannot include in an outfit that I find camera-ready. (basically I hope to do a major wardrobe cleaning) And

2 – I work from home part-time and try to finish university at the same time. Having a blog will hopefully inspire me to dress up at least properly, if not always creatively on days when I have nothing particular to do. I would feel pretty depressed if I only wore jeans/tracksuit most of the time. (plus I could never wear all my cherished items).

So there you go. Also on another issue, which is not connected to style, I have an adorable baby dachshund who will appear here on many photos and who definitely deserves to have her own little space on the world wide web.

Love to you all


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