An efficient afternoon

Today I got sick again after almost a week’s pause, which just made me even more depressed about the mess we had in the bedroom. So when my boyfriend (also down with the flu, but working, still) got home, we tidied up the mess in about 30 min, plus I managed to add three more clothing items to the ‘this must go’ box. If only I were this efficient when I’m healthy 🙂  It also turned out that Miss Poppy eats grapefruit. I don’t.

I’ve just seen this lovely sweater from Uniqlo over at a Cup of Jo

I’ve adored Uniqlo ever since I got into their freshly opened flagstore in Paris (seven days after the grand opening and it was so full you had to wait in line for almost an hour just to get in!) and this would be just as perfect for me as basically any other product from them. But the fact that it’s cashmere makes it the closest thing to the blanket I’ve been wrapped into all day. And this is even more than perfection. Pity they don’t ship to Hungary, but I guess I’m just used to it (almost nobody does, except for Topshop) … I am not sad at all though, because, after all, it hasn’t rained for three consecutive days now, which means that it’s time to stop looking at blogs all day and get some fresh air!

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