Weekend fun

Although we’ll most probably spend this weekend in bed, drinking tea and eating comfort food that my granny sends us, there are two events in Budapest I would love to check out if we can gather enough strength.

The first one is the days of cultural heritage, which is celebrated throughout Europe. This time last year we were in Paris and managed to visit some exceptional buildings that are otherwise closed to the public (maybe I’ll post some pictures later, if I find them…) And I guess the hidden the treasures of Budapest will be just as exciting…

The other event is probably more for those machine-loving boys, but I would also enjoy seeing some vintage steam engines at the 10th Central European Grand Prix.

And finally, the best thrift shop find from last weekend (besides a huge pile of clothes, of course): a duckling for Miss Poppy. Here it sits comfortably on the stove in my boyfriend’s home, the cute little thing.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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