Back again

Welcome back!

I took some time off to finish my thesis and a few other projects but will try to post regularly from now on, now that I have all the time in the world. It is such a relieving thought that my studies have come to an end and all that exam pressure is over. Of course I know that life won’t be any easier but at least it will be different and that is enough to make me happy at the moment. And we’re also very lucky to have gone through this final studying period together with my boyfriend (he graduated this summer), as he gave me tremendous support!

– after the graduation ceremony at Menza restaurant –


And just to make things a little more interesting (and winter-appropriate) I also had my hair cut, from shoulder-length to pixie. And I love it! I got the original idea from Kelly, the Glamourai and took a photo of actress Jean Seberg to the hairdresser. It turned out to be my favourite hairstyle so far (although I won’t necessarily stick to it) and it looks even better now that my hair has grown a bit and got softer. The only problem is when I wake up and find my hairs standing in a hundred different directions but luckily it’s already hat season so that problem can be solved easily.

The temperatures say winter already and I’m freezing all the time as usual but I can’t wait for the snow to make everything beautiful!

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