Walking in the winter wonderland

It’s been snowing like crazy for the past 5 days (with occasional rainy periods) and I could not be happier with it! For me, snow is the only thing that makes cold winters bearable, plus it immediately puts me in “christmas mood”.


My only concerns are:

  • I can’t avoid looking a bit like a snowman with all those layers on and
  • when the streets get slippery, I simply have to put away all the high-heeled boots if I don’t want to break my neck in 5 minutes after stepping on the streets.

But I don’t care as long as there is some snow left:)


Also, this was the first time Miss Poppy encountered that icy phenomenon and left tiny marks on our balcony:

Then she gave it a thought and said: Ooh, this might be some new type of food! – And has been eating/licking it ever since, every time we go for a walk.



Have a snowy Friday!

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