Happy New Year

A new year that starts with me being sick for more than a week can only get better! And I won’t make any resolutions, just simply try to blog more. So here’s to a very happy new year!

Photo taken in the little town where I got to spend most of my (peaceful and snowy) winter holiday. Tunnel scarf made by my grandma (amazing as ever).

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In the winter you wish it was milder

Pictures taken this summer in Pula, Croatia, on our holiday.

It’s great to look at summer photos when winter has just started but I’m freezing already. I don’t even feel like going out of the flat but fortunately I have enough work to keep me at home for most of the day.

The title is from one of the better Hungarian songs, People always talk about the weather by Yonderboi. Listen to it here and enjoy!

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Puppy Monday


So today is officially puppy Monday, because:


a) She’s cute.

b) I’ve been working a lot lately and totally deserve some cuteness to look at on the blog.

c) Our darling flatmate, Poppy’s great friend moved back to Portugal today and we are already missing her.

So, you have a problem with me? I don’t think so:)

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This is what a shoe shop should look like

With the most cheerful owner-shoemaker in town, plus a huge dog, totally in love with Miss Poppy (who you can also find on this picture).

So if you are looking for comfortable and stylish handmade shoes, go to the Siberia Shoe Shop (Budapest,  19 Wesselényi utca/street) – or visit their facebook page.


And I’ll do another post on my lovely pair, because they definitely deserve it.

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Endlessly Chopin

Last weekend I managed to grab some last minute tickets to a very special concert. It was part of a two-day marathon, during which the very talented Gergely Bogányi played all the works Chopin composed for a solo piano. The event took place in the grandiose National Concert Hall and was altogether a unique experience. Even my boyfriend seemed to have enjoyed it, even though he isn’t especially fond of classical music.

I loooove this modern entrance hall:

And we also managed to take some outfit pictures inside:


And also in front of the building, with my favourite winter coat on:


thrifted skirt, random turtleneck, laura ashley cardigan, gifted fur scarf (from Rome), boots from Helsinki, coat from Paris, longchamp bag, h&m hat

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Walking in the winter wonderland

It’s been snowing like crazy for the past 5 days (with occasional rainy periods) and I could not be happier with it! For me, snow is the only thing that makes cold winters bearable, plus it immediately puts me in “christmas mood”.


My only concerns are:

  • I can’t avoid looking a bit like a snowman with all those layers on and
  • when the streets get slippery, I simply have to put away all the high-heeled boots if I don’t want to break my neck in 5 minutes after stepping on the streets.

But I don’t care as long as there is some snow left:)


Also, this was the first time Miss Poppy encountered that icy phenomenon and left tiny marks on our balcony:

Then she gave it a thought and said: Ooh, this might be some new type of food! – And has been eating/licking it ever since, every time we go for a walk.



Have a snowy Friday!

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Dear Mr Jacobs,

as I know that Santa does not exist, I thought about writing to you for a few tiny and lovely Christmas presents. I would really appreciate if you could send me some of the following things:

I hope my letter gets to you on time!





(all things Marc by Marc Jacobs, source: net-a-porter.com)

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